Vantage Content Management System

What is a CMS?
CMS stands for Content Management System. In short - a CMS gives you the ability to update your website quickly and easily on your own - requiring nothing more than an internet connection. You don't even have to know HTML. It's that simple.

How do you know if a CMS is right for you?
If you have need to update your website regularly or frequently, then Vantage Technology CMS may be right for you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What kind of feature set does a custom CMS offer?
Content Management Systems usually vary in their feature sets - which is why we've taken great care in assembling a CMS that is unique in the fact it can be customized via ASP coding to meet our clients' needs over time. Aside from being able to handle special client requests with the CMS directly - a custom Vantage CMS offers the following features:

  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editor
    A Wysiwyg editor gives the everyday internet user the ability to quickly and easily update their website without knowing any kind of HTML or coding.

  • Multiple/User Security Levels
    Security isn't an issue with an unlimited number of administration users and individual access rights within the CMS Administration system. For example, you may have privileges to create, edit and publish documents while another group of users may add and edit content but may not publish the changes to the live site, potentially allowing a user with administrative priveleges to review changes prior to publishing them.

  • Full Featured Calendar
    The calendar allows you to add and update events on your website. By selecting a month, date and specifying a specific date and time, you are able to add events, duration times, descriptions and event names to your Calendar.

  • Advanced File Manager
    The File Manager allows you to maintain the images and downloads available on your website without an FTP application. With the File Manager, you can create, edit and remove directories as well as upload images and downloadable files for complete control over your website files.

  • Easy Navigation
    Administrators can easily navigate throughout all of the content pages within the site by using the Content Tree.
    The Content Tree outlines all pages created in the system in hierarchical order and ensures you have instant access to any page that requires updates or removal. A huge benefit to this feature is not having to search your entire site to locate each page.

  • Additional Features
    There are many other additional features available in the CMS including Form Builders, Automated FAQ's, Multi-Language conversion, Newsletters and more!

    Questions? Call us today at (559) 741-7340 for more information!