Who We Are

About Us
Vantage Technology Development is a software and web development firm based in Central California. Dedicated to increasing the value clients receive from their technology investments, we provide end-to-end solutions that begin with the business perspective. We call it the "Work Smart" approach -- and our clients are some of the brightest businesspersons around, including such notable firms as The Gas Company, University of California, and the Citrus Research Board.

Our History
Formed from an initial merger of five small, independent consulting firms, our experience spans decades. We've been developing web sites since the Web was still in its infancy back in 1995. Our custom software work experience dates back even further than that. The Vantage Team combines years of hands-on business management experience with exceptional technical and creative talent. Our work brings the latest programming techniques, design methodologies, marketing strategy, and graphic design skills to bear on a single objective: increasing client value.

Being the source for an intelligent, cross-disciplined, creative team is what Vantage is all about. Vantage Technology Development helps smart-thinking small and medium-sized organizations use technology more effectively, to increase market reach, improve their customer relations, and streamline operations. Offering the very best from a Team of bright people who truly care about our clients and what we do for them, we are the team that helps you Work Smarter.

Our Values & Approach
We Believe... The heart of any reliable business, and any reliable marketplace, is integrity. We only enter into transaction that we honestly believe will benefit all parties concerned, and we strive to make sure that every business transaction and every project we take part in, does, in fact, succeed in creating value for everyone involved. As much as we can, we try to only do business with people who work this same way. We strive to create wealth by creating value.

We are not in the business of extorting the maximum amount of profits we can from captive customers, but, rather, strive to create enough value in our work that our clients feel like they get their money's worth every time they deal with us. We generate profit by serving people, not by "extracting" from them. We do not lie or misrepresent ourselves to clients, colleagues, or each other. We strive to consistently follow through on what we say we will do We respect the privacy of our clients, our colleagues, and each other when dealing with the information we are given access to. We strive to portray each other, our associated colleagues -- and even our competitors - in a positive, but accurate, light.

Our clients are our first priority; they are the reason we have the opportunity to earn a living doing what we do. We love what we do - but we couldn't make a living doing it if it didn't create value for someone else. Our clients are the reason we are here. Because of this, we, at all times, strive to work in the client's best interest -- even (perhaps especially) when that is in conflict with what might maximize our short-term gain, return, or position. The first question we ask is "What's in the best interest of the client," and then, only after that question is answered do we ask the second question, which is "How do we make it work for everyone involved." The client always comes first.

Teamwork and communication are the keys to success in today's technology marketplace. Perhaps we don't define success the same way as others do, but we're less concerned about that than we are about living lives that meet up to how we define success. It's not just whether you win; it really is how you play the game as well that matters. We strive to work well with each other and our colleagues, setting aside our egos and personal agendas for the greater good of our clients and the other people and firms involved. "Working well" together is not just working effectively - it's also enjoying the work and the fact that you're doing it together.

We try to look at the "big picture" in all situations, and think and act accordingly. How is this going to affect others in our market? How is this going to affect our partners? These are the kinds of questions we ask whenever change presents itself. If a client has a need that no one on our staff can meet, we will find a person or firm who can, and develop a working relationship with them. We expect that person or firm to honor our Corporate Values.

We respect the relationships of the firms we partner with have with their clients, and strive to portray them positively when dealing with their clients. We do not leverage our position to steal clients from colleagues who request our assistance. We work to make sure our work improves their relationship with their client, not weaken it. Because competition generally is in the best interest of our client, we do not try to thwart it by being domineering in our market, nor by suppressing or disparaging our competitors. We simply focus on out-serving them.